Saturday, July 10, 2010


Saturday, July 10, 7:28 am

Dear Diary,

Shit. E-bay purchase of Billy Baldwin Remembers just arrived. All the lady bloggers love him---I thought he worked with Stephen Gambrel. When I posted that I interned for him one summer (I once spent a week in August painting a room with brown high gloss paint), I didn't realize he retired in the early 1970s. Now everyone will think that I'm as old as V___ V____. Damn.


  1. You little idiot! Quickly, you must mention that Celerie Kemble and Lulu de Kwiatkowski were your besties in college.

  2. I am 100 years old and demand your respect. Actually scratch that. I don't give a flying fuck anymore.
    xo xo

  3. Mrs. Blandly - I am hereby serving notice that I have any and all derivatives of the word "bland" copyrighted.